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Computer Repair Santa Fe

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Computer Repair Santa Fe

Computer Repair & Setup by Certified Apple and PC Professionals

At Santa Fe Computer we have seen and worked on every computer repair issue imaginable.  We provide every service you would need; from OS troubleshooting, virus removal, computer upgrades and data transfer to IT setup consultation and network services. No matter if it’s hardware or software, Mac or PC, we have helped countless Santa Fe businesses and residential customers with their computer repair Santa Fe.

Our friendly Apple Certified Support, Windows Certified professionals, and PC specialists are here for your computer repair Santa Fe.
Contact Santa Fe Computer today for a repair quote.


Here’s just a few of the computer repair & setup services we offer:


Hardware Install

Hardware Repair

Memory Install

Operating System Install

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Software Install & Setup

Technology Consulting

Mac and PC Support

Computer Setup

Computer Tune-up

Email Setup

Virus & Spyware Removal

Wireless Networking

Data Backup or Transfer

Data Recovery



What issues are you experiencing?

That’s usually the first question we’ll ask when someone calls us.  For a computer technician to diagnosis a computer properly, we need to know what the symptoms are and to understand the problem.  Not all computer issues are straight forward, sometimes we may need a little more information.  The more information we can get to get to discover the problem, the quicker we can come to a resolution.

Here’s some common questions we may ask you:

When exactly does the problem or error occur?

Are there any error messages?

Have there been any recent software or hardware changes?

Has anything happened to the computer? Was it knocked over or dropped?

Can you reproduce the problem or error? If so, how do you reproduce the problem?

Describe any changes in the computer (such as noises, screen changes, disk activity lights).


So what’s the next step?

After we are able to determine what the issue is, we can give you a good idea of what the cost will be for the computer repair job.  Further diagnostics or troubleshooting may be involved to determine the precise issue.  Sometimes there can be multiple issues occurring at the same time, making it harder to determine the problem.  Nonetheless, after the issue(s) have been isolated, we’ll plan the repair job and give you a price for the job or an estimate based on our time and parts needed.

As a general rule of thumb, we can typically fix a computer and it’s usually less expensive than buying a new PC or Mac.  It really depends on the extent of the repair and the age of the computer.  If the computer isn’t worth fixing, we’ll let you know.  If you elect to purchase a new computer, keep in mind, your software, settings and data will need to be transferred to the new computer, and that can take time.  There are variables involved when deciding to repair vs. replace your computer.  We can help guide you in that decision when providing computer repair Santa Fe.

We offer onsite or pickup and delivery service. Our goal is to get you fixed up and running ASAP. Contact us for a quote.

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