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Laptop Repair

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Laptop Repair by Certified Apple and PC Professionals

At Santa Fe Computer we have seen and worked on every laptop repair issue imaginable.  If it’s been broken, dropped, spilled on, stepped on, cracked, thrown, infected, blue screened, exploded, and on and on..we have fixed it.  No matter if it’s hardware or software, Mac or PC, we have helped countless Santa Fe businesses and residential customers with their laptop repair needs.  Contact Santa Fe Computer today for a repair quote.

Laptops are awesome..

The advancement of laptop and mobile technology serves as a pure evidence of people’s dependency in it. We totally get it. As professional users, we are dependent too.  We understand when your means of work, communication, schooling, etc. is in jeopardy, and you’re not able to get your work done, you need it fixed immediately.  Having worked on thousands of laptops, we can diagnosis and fix any issue imaginable without too much pain on you or your wallet.

What’s wrong with the darn thing?

Here’s some the most common issues we see with Apple and Windows laptops.

Corrupt Operating System
Infected System with Viruses
Blank/Cracked Screen
Laptop Freezing
Broken Keyboard
Broken CD/DVD
Failed Hard Drive
Blue Screen of Death
Spinning Wheel of Death
Broken Power Jack
Dead Battery
Liquid Spills
Failed Motherboards
Bad Power Adapter
Bad Memory

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?  Although most issues can be fixed as long as the laptop isn’t a dinosaur and parts are still available; we can give you a solid idea if it’s worth fixing or if your money is better served purchasing a new laptop.  Unfortunately we don’t have a 10,000 square foot warehouse stocked with parts, it’s just not possible to have every part for every laptop, so if we need parts for your laptop repair, we can usually have those delivered in 3-5 days standard delivery or quicker if needed.

Laptop Repair Santa FeWhat should I do with the darn thing?

First of all, call us.  Seriously, trying to work on it yourself we’ve generally found creates more problems for us to fix.  Don’t frustrate yourself, it’s not worth it.  We have Apple Certified and Windows Certified laptop technicians that do this everyday.  If you’re tech savvy and just need some pointers or parts, give us a call and we’ll do what we can to help. Otherwise, if it’s broke, just call us to schedule a time for a diagnostics review and a quote for repair.

We offer onsite or pickup and delivery service.  Our goal is to get you fixed up and running ASAP.  Contact us for a quote.

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