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Virus Removal

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Does your computer run noticeably slower than it used to?  Do you have pop-ups on your screen?  Then you need virus removal services.

If so, this might be due to malicious programs like viruses, worms, Trojans, malware or spyware running in the background on your computer.  This malicious software can potentially use up all your system resources including your system’s CPU and RAM memory, making your computer painfully slow.  On top of that, your hard drive data and personal information could be at risk.  Santa Fe Computer can fix all this with our professional virus removal services.

Virus Removal Santa Fe

Does your computer experience random freezing, blue screens, software closing, or not responding at all?

Viruses, malware, spyware, and rootkits are so advanced now that they can automatically detect and prevent anti-virus software from running.  They can also disable important services like system restore and keep you from restoring your computer to a point before the infection occurred.  Unfortunately these days, even the best anti-virus software is only a preventative measure; all you’re left with is a virus repair or a complete system rebuild if you get infected.

At Santa Fe Computer, we have a very high success rate at virus removal, including spyware and malware.  Not all viruses and spyware are the same and some require multiple procedures for removal.  In some cases, especially with numerous infections and registry damage, it may be required to rebuild the operating system and start fresh to avoid further system issues and reinfections.  The key is to contact Santa Fe Computer immediately if you suspect you’re infected.  The quicker we are able to diagnose and clean the infection, the better chances we have to save your OS, hard drive data, personal information, and fully complete the virus removal.

Here’s some Computer Virus Threat Reports Tracked by some of the Top Anti-Virus Providers:

Trend Micro

We offer fast turnaround time and affordable service.

Santa Fe Computer can fix your computer and make it 100% clean and secure!

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