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Wireless networking in Santa Fe can be challenging….

With older buildings, larger houses and thick adobe walls, getting a strong wireless signal throughout the property can be difficult at times, especially with over-the-counter consumer products on the market.  Santa Fe Computer has helped hundreds of local businesses and residential customers find the right residential and commercial solution for any type of situation.  Contact Santa Fe Computer today to find out how we can help.


Wireless Networking Services in Santa FeWhat is wireless networking?

Wireless networking pertains to the technology that allows devices to communicate by means of wireless communication over radio frequencies. It usually refers to wireless LANs and Wi-Fi. This technology has fuelled the emergence of industies leading to the production of a large number of very affordable wireless technology solutions.  Wi-Fi continues to become more popular as there are some sophisticated applications where retrofitting cabling is impossible or not feasible like in homes, restaurants, hotels/motels, office buildings and warehouses.

Advantages of Wireless Networking

There are good things about wireless networking that makes it a solid solution. Wi-Fi is as versatile as it is adaptable in most situations. Setting up and configuring the wireless network is generally cheaper to deploy over a wired local area network, such as Ethernet. This makes it perfect for many people who are working on temporary worksites, in homes or office spaces. Wi-Fi can provide networking in all places where network wires cannot reach like the far side of a house or throughout an office building.  We see a lot of  buildings and houses in Santa Fe where network cabling isn’t possible or cost effective, so wireless is generally the best option available.

Wi-Fi access points can easily be added to boost the wireless signal range and we can easily scale coverage if there are any dead spots. The popularity of laptops and mobile devices makes wireless networks very useful in providing convenient and fast access to the internet. If the hardware is installed properly and security is configured correctly, wireless networks can be very secure and reliable.

Disadvantages of Wireless NetworkingApple Wireless Router

There are a few disadvantages.  Wireless networks can be less secure than a hardwired LAN.  For example, an intruder wouldn’t need a physical connection to access your wireless network.  Another consideration is that local data transfer speeds over wireless can be slower than wired networks.  And interference is a common problem to contend with when there is an excessive number of access points in the area.  Whenever possible, we typically recommend a hardwired network for security, speed, and reliability, especially for business clients.  Sometimes we’ll install a hybrid network of cabling and wireless for the best of both worlds.  If you simply need access to the internet, and maybe share a few wireless devices, a wireless network is your best bet for convenience.

Overall, the benefits of wireless networks outweighs the disadvantages for many users. We have many wireless solutions available depending on the situation at hand.  Let us know what challenges you face, we’d love to help.

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